Economic Indicators

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The buzz at the Town Basin, Whangarei

Economic Indicators for Whangarei

Key statistics as at 2016

Gross Domestic Product
3,391 million  –  1.5% of New Zealand GDP

Economic Growth         2016      Last 10 Years
Whangarei                     2.7%             1.8%
New Zealand                 2.5%              1.8%

Filled Jobs
37,064 or 1.6% of NZ total

Business Units
9,546 or 1.7% of NZ total

Median annual earnings
Whangarei             $54,910
New Zealand          $57,780

Contribution to GDP by Industry
Manufacturing                           24.2%
Health, Social Assistance            8.4%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing      6.7%
Construction                               5.5%
Retail / Trade                              4.5%

Self employment rate
Whangarei             19.6%
New Zealand         18.0%

Whangarei       89,700
New Zealand   4.5 million

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Investment Prospectus

Whangarei is part of the Northland region, New Zealand. View or download "Invest in Tai Tokerau Northland, New Zealand [4.5MB] to find out more about the district and region.