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Whangarei Fritter Festival

Sorry, this event has been and gone.

Carmen Underwater - Complete Tour 2017-18.

There will be no entrance fee, donations welcome.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you." - Carmen

As the winner of the “Listen to Berlin Award 2017”, Carmen is ready to enchant the big stages of the world.

An album on its journey.

Carmen’s adventure began in a studio in Berlin. Focused on her voice, supported by soft piano chords and the melodic sound of a Fender Rhodes piano, she recorded eight songs that produce a pure “live session” feel. Complete is the title song for the new album and describes the feeling of boundless possibilities within ourselves.

That’s how the music is now being taken out into the world! Ready to live a dream, Carmen, together with her young family, climbed into a camper and toured across Europe 2017 followed by Down Under 2018 - the e-piano on board, always into the sun and ready for the next audience.

"Complete is honest and intimate. It's like being naked under a warm coat of beautiful moments", says Carmen.

Her music touches.

Carmen's voice has a stunning effect with many facets and an almost limitless energy. Charmingly, Carmen Underwater enchants her listeners again and again. Her songs tell about memories, relationships and tangible happiness, immersing the listener unconditionally in a lively, emotional and harmonious world. It is the mixture of pop and innocence, of strength and vulnerability that makes her love for music authentic.

With her passion for the piano Carmen writes her own music. Over 20 years of stage experience, numerous albums with former bands and countless concerts, shaped her presence. After releasing two Carmen Underwater EPs and winning the Jury Prize at the 1st Berlin Song Contest in 2014 with her song "Stay", she took some time off to devote to her newborn son.

Especially in this time she identified her very own way. Inspired also by the collaboration with the producer Lars Damm (Internashville/Boss Hoss) she continued writing and composing new and timeless music.

"Music at its best. We can feel what you're singing." - Jan Feddersen, TAZ, Eurovision Song Contest expert (jury member, 1st Berlin Song Contest)

"What a sensational voice." - Dagmar Golle, Bayern 3

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  • Sorry, this event has been and gone.

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LocationThe Old Stone Butter Factory, 8 Butter Factory Lane, Whangarei
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Cost No Charge
RestrictionsAll Ages

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Address8 Butter Factory Lane
Phone09 430 0044
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