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Would you like to: - Feel confident addressing problems at home or work - Know what to say when you've got an issue to deal with - See your way through difficult conversations with colleagues or family

Check out our 9-week Transforming Communication course starting in May.

You'll learn and practice precision skills for building and keeping relationships and discover new ways to: - Talk through issues to achieve positive outcomes in any situation; - Easily broker win-win solutions and confidently defuse conflict situations; - Enjoy productive and harmonious relationships at home and at work.

What’s in it for me? You'll discover this to be a fun and practical and a skills-based training. You’ll be actively involved in the learning process so that you leave with the ability to communicate in new and more effective ways.

And, you’ll have the skills to: - Build rapport with others quickly so as to gain their co-operation and trust. - Increase others' ability to resolve their own difficulties and meet their own outcomes. - Get others to respect your needs and co-operate with you. - Resolve discipline and conflict problems in organisations or with children, without resorting to threats or punitive action. - Create and activate solutions that truly meet your own outcomes as well as others'. - Influence others successfully while keeping rapport. - Discover how ownership, accountability and responsibility lead us towards our goals, whereas blame, excuses and denial take us away from them. - Learn how to take control of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours and become increasingly resourceful. - Listen so others will talk and talk so others will listen.

What our graduates have said about the Transforming Communication course: “Absolutely do it. You will learn things you already knew but didn’t ‘know’. The skills are invaluable providing you use them… the value of reflective listening – so very empowering and the outcomes have floored me”. – Lynn Freeman

“This course has given me so many different communication tools to use in all areas of life and business - especially communicating to my daughter.” – Ida-Jean.

“[The course has given me] The confidence to participate actively in conflict resolution.” – GT, Manager.

“A modern communication skills course heavily based in NLP. The 9-week course gives time to practice/reflect as you go. Not a ‘token’ afternoon course you forget about the next day.” – Ben Edgar, Blue Nikau Landscape.

“Realisation that I have the skills to engage or facilitate an effective and productive conversation… I have learnt the importance of patience. By realising this it has opened up the start of healthy conversation between me and my children.” - Sam Rapana.

“A must do and a life changer.” – Hira Hemara, Mayhem Painters.

“A course that is empowering and enabling. It will enhance your life if you apply the skills learned. It will challenge and change you." – Karen Grammer.

“Learning from this course has helped me to become more confident when conversing with others. I have gained valuable knowledge to better enhance my communication skills. So, so happy – thank you so much." – North Haven Hospice Retail.

“My relationship with my 5-year old daughter is stronger, just through me listening and taking another look at things. I had no expectations when starting this course but I am pleased I started. Communication is a life skill that should be taught at schools." – North Drill Limited.

“[the course was about] Being more aware of how people connect – how to listen, how to reach in different circumstances and being aware of others’ values.” – Te Whareora o Tikipunga.

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  • Sorry, this event has been and gone.

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LocationSierra Motel, 26 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei
WebsiteVisit Event Website →
Cost $914.25 Course Registration
Phone021 434 778
RestrictionsAll Ages

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Address26 Western Hills Drive
Phone0800 187 187
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