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Did you know that many superfood farmers are lucky to receive 1-2% of the retail value of their crops here in New Zealand?

This exploitation has led many farmers and communities in Peru to breaking point where they are loosing their farms, traditions, culture and a heritage that dates back over 2000 years. Our Western demand for unique medicinal foods like maca have driven domestic Peruvian prices sky high, while the corrupt system that provides exported powders exploits those who sell into it. For the farmers they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. We believe it is time to bring change to an industry that is in dire need.

Come and learn about maca with Dr Corin Storkey and Sally Huapaya - a young New Zealand and Peruvian couple who are founders and directors of Seleno Health. They live an work part- time in Peru with their maca farmer and community and run a volunteer program that brings kiwis to Peru to experience life in a remote Andean community.

They have created a model of Farm to Table maca production that eliminates the system responsible for exploitation and empowers the farmers and communities that produce it. Sally's family has a long history and culture of maca in Peru and her story is compelling.

Now, their maca research program studies the bioactive components in maca and recent findings have begun to unlock the secrets behind it's mode of action. Linking science to tradition we now are beginning to understand the true importance of maca relating to health and why the Inca have delicately farmed and prepared it in the customary ways they do for the last 2000 years.

As a medicinal maca has been at the centre of Inca culture, history and spirituality for over 2000 years. Its can be used for the treatment of mental health imbalances, hormone balance, menopause, PMS, fatigue, fertility, pain, chronic fatigue, auto-immune conditions and even cancer.

To hear more about the medicinal properties, how to prepare and use maca and the realities for the farmers and communities who grow it come along and grab grab a seat at our workshop.

Topics discussed: - The history and anthropology of Incan maca farming - Farm to Table maca – from the soil to your plate - The biochemistry of maca – relating the tradition with the scientific research - Maca's role in the endocannabinoid system - The application of maca as a therapeutic - The different colours of maca - yellow, red and black - Which maca is right for you - The reality of superfood farming and farmer exploitation - The impact of global consumerism on the community - Seleno Health’s social responsibility programs - Volunteering opportunities in Peru - What you can do to make a difference

Admission is via a $5 donation to our charity cause in Peru.

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  • Sorry, this event has been and gone.

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