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Northland’s $33.8m ultra fast broadband rollout

Published 31st January, 2017

The Government's move to extend the ultra fast broadband fibre network further in to Northland is expected to provide a significant boast to the region's economy

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Northland’s business and consumer confidence highest in nearly three years

Published 23rd January, 2017

"In Whangarei we have got strong population growth, the dairy sector is picking up, we've had a record tourism spend ($1.025 billion in the year to November), interest rates are low"

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Tourism dollars keep coming in for Northland

Published 17th January, 2017

Tourism dollars spent in Northland continue to climb rapidly with latest figures showing $86 million injected into the region's economy in November last yea

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Whangarei Airport overhaul complete

Published 15th December, 2016

A $1 million upgrade of Whangarei Airport is now complete, allowing the airport to host more passengers and accommodate larger aircraft.

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Maori tourism pilot launches in Whangarei

Published 14th December, 2016

Cultural performances and history of the land and awa will be on offer as part of a Maori tourism pilot involving a Whangarei marae.

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Tourist spend tops $1b in Northland for the first time

Published 7th December, 2016

Earnings from Northland's booming tourism industry have topped $1 billion a year for the first time with a noticeable increase in visitors from new overseas markets flocking to the region.

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Orcon continues Gig rollout to Whangarei

Published 7th December, 2016

Orcon launched Gig plans in New Zealand’s main metropolitan areas last month, and has now continued the rollout to Whangarei.

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Stability and sun bring businesswoman north to Whangarei

Published 30th November, 2016

In her search for a spiritual retreat and a little more light in her life, a UK woman eager to escape the quakes of the south said she has not just moved to Northland for the sun, but also the seismic and economic stability.

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Whangarei population increase the highest in over two decades

Published 18th November, 2016

Whangarei’s population has increased for the second year in a row, gaining 1,800 new residents in the year to 30 June 2016.

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Bold, quirky, wonky - Hundertwasser-designed art centre sample opens in Whangarei

Published 17th November, 2016

It's a wonky structure with a mish mash of colours, typical of Hundertwasser.

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Northland migration at 25-year high

Published 14th November, 2016

Whangarei had a net gain of 513 people as a result of permanent and long-term migration in the year to September, according to Statistics New Zealand figures.

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People from all over the world in Whangarei for opening of indigenous centre

Published 3rd November, 2016

Feet stomped on gravel and chants echoed during a rousing powhiri to welcome 22 United Nations delegates and indigenous people to Whangarei to mark the opening of the only indigenous centre in the Pacific.

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Locals picture Whangarei harbourside in a whole new way

Published 26th October, 2016

Ancient camera technology is being pitched as a way to bring new life to Whangarei's harbourside.

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Whangarei gains a new tourist attraction

Published 25th October, 2016

Northland has a brand new iconic tourist attraction. Friday 21 October Te Kakano (the Seed) was officially opened at the Town Basin in Whangarei.

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Women now hold majority on WDC

Published 10th October, 2016

Sheryl Mai, champagne glass in hand, says she is "overwhelmed, rapt and thrilled" with the election outcome.

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