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Whangarei District Council has made every reasonable effort to provide accurate and reliable information on this website.

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Privacy Statement

The collection and use of personal information by Whangarei District Council is regulated by the Privacy Act 1993. Under this Act, personal information may be collected only for a lawful purpose connected with a function or activity of Council and only if necessary for that purpose. Such information must, as a general rule, be collected directly from the individual concerned and that person must be told why the information is needed. 

Whangarei District Council will use personal information provided by website visitors only in accordance with the requirements of the Act for the reasons it was given, and will not share personal information with any third parties unless written permission is given by the website visitor concerned. 

All enquiries about or formal requests for information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, or queries relating to the Privacy Act 1993 should be made  in writing to: 

Democracy and Legal  Services Manager
Whangarei District Council 
Private Bag 9023 
Whangarei 0148

For more detailed information about the Privacy Act, follow this link
Guide to the Privacy Act 1993 (Privacy Commissioner website).